Matunga murder: Did senior citizen's killer return to the crime scene?

Jun 22, 2016, 07:23 IST | Asif Rizvi

A man attempted to enter the Matunga building wearing clothes that were similar to those worn by the suspected killer; watchman alerted the cops and a sketch is being prepared

Two weeks after a senior citizen was killed in her Matunga flat, it turns out the suspected killer may have returned to the scene of crime.

Manjula Vora was found dead on her kitchen floor on June 6
Manjula Vora was found dead on her kitchen floor on June 6

On June 6, right after Manjula Vora’s throat was slit, an unidentified man was caught on CCTV camera as he fled the scene. He was wearing a white shirt and blue pants and cap, which obscured his face, leaving no way to identify him.

However, at 6.45 pm last evening, a man attempted to enter the building wearing similar clothes. The man first asked the watchman who lived on the fifth floor – Manjula lived in flat number 502 on the same floor. The guard then asked the man whether he wanted to go upstairs. When the man replied in the affirmative, the guard asked him to make an entry in the building’s register. The man then requested the watchman to write his details down, claiming he was illiterate.

The man’s behaviour raised the watchman’s suspicions and he decided to call the police. But by the time the cops arrived, the man had fled. The police cordoned off the area and patrolled extensively, but could not find him.

However, this time, the guard got a good look at the man’s face, and the police are in the process of preparing a sketch. He had also made a call on his phone right outside the society, and the police are trying to identify him through call records from the area.

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