Mayor likens atmosphere in House to 'fish market'

Jan 08, 2013, 08:16 IST | Vivek Sabnis

Vaishali Bankar, who chaired meet, cautioned elected members over 10 times to maintain silence, refrain from moving around

The Development Plan (DP) is a serious topic for any city, but the PMC General Body (GB) seems to be casual about it. Mayor Vaishali Bankar, who chaired the meeting, was upset by the chaos in the House.

On over 10 instances, she cautioned members to ‘keep quiet’ and refrain from leaving their seats while the discussion was on. An apparently frustrated Bankar finally remarked sarcastically that the House had virtually turned into a ‘fish market’.

Casual Affair: A member of the House walks out while the meeting is still in progress. 

On the merit of majority head count yesterday, the ruling NCP passed the DP in the House while elected members casually chatted amongst themselves or were seen speaking on their mobile phones. Some even left while their colleagues were giving speeches on the important issue. The discussion went on for over eight hours and the DP is likely to be passed before it ends.

The chaos in the House prompted Bankar to say, “I shall give you five minutes for chatting and then we will proceed with the discussion.”  Sushila Netke from MNS said, “Nobody, including civic chief Mahesh Pathak, is taking this DP seriously. He is busy speaking with his colleagues instead of listening to us.” 

She also alleged that those tasked with making the DP had ensured that it was in favour of the builder lobby and was depriving economically weaker sections of the right to housing. This was the third DP of the PMC, followed by the earlier ones in 1966 and 1987. Only 22.82 per cent of the earlier reservations reflected in the 1987 DP were enforced.

“Only 134 reservations were enforced out of the total 587 reservations in the 1987 DP. At this pace, how long will it take to enforce the 921 reservations in the present DP?” Mukta Tilak, BJP elected member in the House, said.

Members attending the GB had mixed opinions about the reservations in the current DP. “This is not a green DP, but a cement DP,” said Roopali Patil from MNS. While MNS member Madhuri Sahastrabuddhe said, “The DP failed to offer solutions for protecting the environment of the city in the future.”  Congress member and chairman of PMC’s Sports Committee Avinash Bagwe said, “No provision has been made for playgrounds for children in the city.”

Meanwhile, Datta Dhankawade (NCP), Jayashri Barne (Congress), Sunanda Gadade (NCP) and Bandu Khemse (NCP) were all for the reservations made in the DP.  

New suggestions?
>> No road widening for a futuristic Pune
>> DP must be reviewed every five years
>> No plan to control stray dog menace
>> No planning for amenities and open spaces in residential projects
>> Unrealistic planning for water supply to the city with 28 fringe villages
>> No policy for granting permissions for skyscrapers 

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