MCA livid over WC final ticket inquiry report being made public

Oct 16, 2013, 01:05 IST | Harit N Joshi

Taking a tough stance on the 2011 World Cup final ticket fiasco inquiry report which was leaked to the media, chairman of the inquiry committee advocate Avinash Rana, his co-member Vivek Kantawala and the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) have condemned the manner in which the report found its way into a newspaper.

It is learnt that Rana and Kantawala voiced their displeasure to the convenor of the committee and MCA treasurer Mayank Khandwala yesterday.

Ravi Mandrekar and Deepak Thakre are the other members in the inquiry committee. “Mr Rana has written in his e-mail that he has not signed any report and is not aware of what has appeared in the press. He said he would give the report after returning from the USA,” a source told MiD DAY.

“Mr Kantawala too was surprised to see the report appear in the press without any finalisation from the convenor. He also said that he drafted a report which was circulated to other members but there was no response from them.

“He has clearly stated in his e-mail that he has not approved or signed any report which appeared in the press,” the source added. According to Mandrekar, the only member to sign the report, he had submitted it to the joint Secretary on October 10 to get the signatures of other members in the committee.

MCA issued a statement yesterday: “We would like to inform that no such report was handed over either to the office of the Association or to the joint secretary or to the President and hence all that is appearing is not true.”

A four-member inquiry committee was formed to look into the 405 unsold tickets of the 2011 World Cup final at Wankhede Stadium which India won beating Sri Lanka on April 2. 

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