MCA to corporate box owners: Pay for IPL play-off games

Aug 28, 2013, 01:46 IST | Harit N Joshi

Owners of corporate boxes, who are entitled to free tickets of the Indian Premier League (IPL) play-off matches at the Wankhede Stadium, were shocked after learning about the Mumbai Cricket Association's (MCA) decision to charge for tickets in the play-off stage of the Twenty20 event.

The association has shot off a letter (a copy of which is with MiD DAY) to the corporate box holders, clarifying one of their agreement clauses regarding free IPL tickets to box holders. 

Corporate boxes (encircled) at the Wankhede Stadium. File Pic

The letter, which is signed by MCA Joint Honorary Secretary Dr PV Shetty, states: “We would like to clarify the definition clause No 1 (c) & (f). The Association shall provide free tickets to the box holder for all the IPL League matches played at the Wankhede Stadium hosted by the Association and this does not include IPL play-off matches to be played at Wankhede Stadium. The play-off matches are conducted/organised by the BCCI-IPL. The box holders who intend to purchase tickets for play-off matches may approach the BCCI directly or through the MCA. The rates shall be notified by the BCCI.”

There are around 14
corporate boxes out of the total 58 at the Wankhede that have opted for the IPL privileges apart from the international matches. The box holders with IPL matches were charged Rs 5 crore that include Rs 50 lakh deposit which will be refunded after their 10-year term ends. The Wankhede will host IPL play-off matches in the next edition after Mumbai Indians triumphed earlier this year in May. The letter from the MCA hasn’t gone down well with the box holders. One of the holders, who did not wish to be named, said the agreement terms are “crystal clear”.

Agreement clause
“The clauses 1 (c) & (f) in the agreement which deal with definition specifically entitle us to ALL the IPL matches without exception. The clause 1 (c) of the agreement clearly defines ‘cricket match’. The definition does not make any distinction between IPL matches played at Wankhede Stadium hosted by the MCA and the IPL play-off matches to be at the venue,” he said. According to the box holder, a clause in the agreement defines the cash-rich T20 extravaganza as: “IPL -- Shall mean Indian Premier League organised and conducted under the auspices of the BCCI or by the BCCI or its nominee or assigns.” “This clause explains everything. It is crystal clear that we shall be entitled to the tickets of IPL play-offs at Wankhede without any payment,” the box holder said.

MCA joint secretary
Dr Shetty said the decision is not yet final. “We will take a final call on this in the next managing committee meeting. As of now, we have only informed them (box holders),” said Shetty. 

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