MCA treasurer, secy questioned for insulting club management

Jun 04, 2014, 07:00 IST | Sagar Rajput

The Cyber Crime cell called P V Shetty, secretary, and Vinod Deshpande, treasurer of the club, for an inquiry in relation to text messages, alleging misuse of funds by the CEO and an official

Two officials of the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) Club are in the dock for allegedly sending text messages to club members against the organisation’s CEO and a secretary.

(From left) P V Shetty, Nitin Dalal and Vinod Deshpande. File pic
(From left) P V Shetty, Nitin Dalal and Vinod Deshpande. File pic

The Cyber Crime Cell of Mumbai Police questioned the club treasurer Vinod Deshpande and P V Shetty, another secretary last week. The messages allegedly had accusatory content against the CEO C S Naik and secretary Nitin Dalal.

The summons was issued after club management wrote a complaint to the Cyber Crime police. According to police officials, the complaint was lodged on January 30, asking them to investigate into the fake text messages that had been sent to all the members of the club, instigating them against the CEO and the management. The application also mentioned the cell phone number through which the messages had been forwarded to the members.

One of their own
With the help of the service provider, police found out that these messages were being sent through a number that was registered in the name of one Ravindra Mandrekar, an ex-member of the MCA’s managing committee. The messages alleged that Naik and Dalal had been involved in misappropriation of funds to the tune of Rs 12 lakh and Rs 7 lakh respectively.

On questioning, Mandrekar revealed that he had sent the messages after overhearing a conversation between Shetty and Deshpande. He had heard them badmouthing the CEO and the management. Sources from the MCA revealed that Mandrekar has a grudge against the management, and began spreading the messages to members.

An MCA member, requesting anonymity, said, “When the other 350 members started coming up to the committee and enquired about these messages, the MCA decided to file a complaint and punish the culprit accordingly. But, later, we came to know that individuals involved in the matter are affiliated with the club, which shocked everyone.”

Shetty and Deshpande were issued a summons dated May 19 by the Cyber Cell office, asking them to be present in the office on May 26 at 3 pm (mid-day has a copy). While Shetty refused to comment on the matter, Deshpande confirmed he had indeed been summoned.

“I went at the mentioned day and have refused leaking any information to Mandrekar,” he said. Senior police inspector Mukund Pawar of the Cyber Crime cell refrained from commenting on the matter, as many political bigwigs have been associated with the club.

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