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Mar 15, 2013, 00:12 IST | Yoshita Sengupta

A new delivery service caters strictly to the hardcore carnivore; vegetarians can pass this one

Intend to party hard over a weekend where the beer-guzzling session with buddies begins from early afternoon? What do you do for the post-drink meat-craving phase? Mohammed Ali Road isn’t close. And no other place nearby is meaty, greasy and hearty enough.

Khichda, Bheja Tawa Fry, Mutton Jugal Bandi and Nalli Nihari. Pics/ Yoshita Sengupta

How about gorging on Bohri Mohalla fare delivered hot, to your home, at lower prices? Bandra’s new takeaway, Charminar is like an underground delivery system that gratifies your deepest, darkest meat cravings. Their menu reads like a predator's dream — the humble Chicken Cutlet jostles for attention with the hearty Nalli Nihari, Kandi Kebabs and Farchas, there are varieties of Bara Handis and Biryanis and a Tawa section with Kheema Baida Roti, Kaleji, Gurda and other offal.

A delivery-only service that started two weeks back without fanfare or PR machinery that heralds a new place in Bandra, Charminar operates from a small corner of Rizvi Complex and isn’t open to people dropping by. There’s no online menu; instead, dial the number where a polite, English-speaking young man will share the menu, with suggestions and arrangements for pick-up, if you don’t have an address between Bandra and Juhu. You exchange numbers, they deliver discreetly, on time, outside a landmark, or a railway station; you pay and both parties go their separate ways. Our ‘dealer’ met us outside the ticket counter at Bandra station, handed over very heavy parcel, collected the money (the amount was ‘SMS’ed earlier), and disappeared into
the crowd.

Mixed Barah Handi served with Nalli

Our food was packed in white, plastic containers. After we opened these, we noticed the oil overkill and enormous portions. We heaped a spoonful from each container onto our plate. The first bite was of the Mutton Khichda (Rs 160), the broken wheat slow cooked for hours with chunks of meat and fat, was comfort food at it’s very best but it had a strong aftertaste of garam masala.

The Tawa Bheja Fry (Rs 160) had big chunks of slimy, tender offal that was coated with delicious and not too oily but spicy masala with ginger, garlic, onions, coriander and lots of green chillis. The best, however, was yet to come.

Next, we gorged on the Nalli Nihari (Rs 210) and Mixed Bara Handi with Nalli (Rs 190) served in tubs, the size of the KFC bucket. The thick, orange layer of fat with generous pieces of Nalli floating over it had big chunks of paya and other beef cuts that were slow-cooked to perfection. This gravy was not too spicy, thick and buttery with generous amounts of fat; the meat chunks were soft. Mutton Jugalbandi (Rs 200) was recommended by the person who took our order — came in a tub stuffed with kheema, mutton pieces, gurda and kaleji cooked together in a dry, onion based masala with lesser oil and chillies than the other dishes. One of the better dry kheemas we’ve had in the city, we would be happy to spoon this down as a snack for all our drinking sessions. If you’re planning a budget party this weekend, and are a serious carnivore, Charminar is just a call away.

Eating out
Food: decadent
Service: prompt
Ambiance: na

Call 9833947142 (Tuesdays shut)
Charminar delivers between Bandra and Juhu.
The Guide reviews anonymously and pays for meals

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