Medical Entrance Exam: Parents launch last-ditch effort against SC verdict

May 11, 2016, 07:31 IST | Pallavi Smart

Parents from all over the state are trying to get the MH-CET reinstated by writing to the President and PM, asking them to review the SC verdict

A day after the Supreme Court made the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) mandatory as the only gateway for admission to a medical programme, parents of medical aspirants from across the state have decided to write to President Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Narendra Modi to protest.

Students have got just two months to prepare for NEET phase II, which will be conducted in July. Representation pic
Students have got just two months to prepare for NEET phase II, which will be conducted in July. Representation pic

Since the verdict cancelled the Mahrashtra Common Entrance Test (MH-CET), which many students attempted on May 5, students are under a lot of stress. They had prepared for the exam for two years and now they have got just two months to prepare for NEET phase II, which will be conducted in July.

To make a last-ditch effort, parents from across Maharashtra are trying to gather support from all over the country in writing a letter to the President and the Prime Minister, asking them to review the situation.

Nayan Verma, a physics teacher associated with a medical entrance coaching institute, said, “Parents are leaving no stone unturned in getting the state exempted from NEET this year. Parents from states other than Maharashta are equally stressed and everybody is trying to come together through a signature campaign and a letter that will be sent to the PM and the President.”

He added, “It is very interesting to know that the Supreme Court is willing to let dance bars run, but has no mercy on lakhs of children aspiring for medical seats and are struggling after the court’s decision.”

The worst hit

Dr. Heena Bhatt, a cosmetologist and a mother
My daughter has been crying inconsolably since the verdict was declared. It is not possible to study an entirely new syllabus in just two months and it will never match the two-year-long preparation. Last time, when she had prepared for NEET, they had changed the pattern and brought in CET. Now, when she is all prepared for CET, they are again changing the pattern. We cannot depend on the government.I have already spent over Rs 25,000 in just registering for entrance tests.

Abhilash Awasthi, Sobriety’s father
Sobriety has been crying and hasn’t even eaten properly. She refuses to eat while shouting that there is nothing left in her life. Just few days ago, life was so much different. Her CET examination went well and she was very happy with her performance. But after the SC verdict, the festivities at home ended. I am sure it must be the same case with lakhs of children under stress. How can SC be ignorant to all these children’s plight?

Dilip Seth, a parent of a medical aspirant
It is no joke to prepare for such vast syllabus in just two months. We will continue doing all that we can to reinstate CET. Forget less time in preparation, there are no books available in the market. How are the children supposed to study? Whom should they contact if they have any doubt, as colleges are all closed now. The decision makers seem to have completely ignored all these aspects.

Sobriety Awasthi, a 17-year-old medical aspirant
I want our HRD minister to sit in front of me so that I can explain to her how they are playing with the future of lakhs of students. It is not easy to study for NEET in just two months. This means, our entire preparation of two years goes to waste as the examination we appeared for stands cancelled.

Sunetra Rao, a homemaker
My son appeared for CET while he was under a huge amount of stress. At the last minute, when he should have been busy preparing for the exam, he was visibly stressed and unable to focus on studies. We are supporting children to cope with the stress and prepare for NEET in whatever time is left. But it is important for the children to be in the correct mindset to study appropriately, especially when there is such little time left.

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