Meet the man who cannot die

Sep 30, 2011, 08:13 IST | Priyanka Vora

Frustrated at being unemployed, youth tries to commit suicide thrice -- by slashing throat, hanging and stabbing, but fails each time

Frustrated at being unemployed, youth tries to commit suicide thrice -- by slashing throat, hanging and stabbing, but fails each time

The pressure of not finding employment in these hard-pressed times can cause depression in the best of people. And a 23-year-old, struggling to find a job decided to bring a sudden end to his miseries by ending his life.

However, his  bad luck followed him to death's door as well. The man, Vishwas Khede, a resident of Charkop, Kandivli, attempted suicide as many as three times and failed each time.

Dejected in life, Khede takes the drastic step of slashing his throat with
a razor blade, making it his first attempt to die

After bring admitted to the hospital, Khede tried to take his life, this
time by trying to hang himself from the bathroom

Upset that both his previous tries to take his life failed, Khede broke a
piece of glass and stabbed himself

It all started when Khede's family began to pressurise him to find a job. To escape the constant nagging at home, Khede decided to seek refuge at his sister's place in Jalna. However, when the same nagging persisted in Jalna as well, an infuriated Khede decided to commit his suicide.

"All the relatives were sitting in the verandah and talking. Suddenly, Khede got up and rushed inside the house. He pulled out a blade and began slashing his throat. When our relatives entered the room, they saw him with a blade in his hand," said Khede's elder brother Arun.

The family rushed Khede to a civil hospital in Jalna, where doctors tended to the neck wounds. The doctors at the civil hospital, however, suspected that Khede was showing suicidal tendencies and needed tertiary care.

"We took him to another private hospital for better care, but even there he tried to kill himself. At night, when we were sleeping, he went to the bathroom and tried to hang himself. But fortunately the rope snapped and he survived," recalled Arun.

After the incident, the authorities asked the family to shift him to JJ hospital for better medical and psychological care. On September 25, the family admitted Khede to JJ hospital. "He was standing near a table at ward number four, near the emergency room, and was staring at the glass sheet kept on the table.
Suddenly, he picked up the sheet, smashed it and stabbed himself with the broken shard," said Arun, who witnessed the third suicide attempt of his brother.

'Doctors did their best'
The doctors rushed Khede to the operation theatre, where a life saving operation was performed on him. "Our doctors did their best and now he is admitted in our hospital ward. We have already asked the psychiatry department to start counseling him for the suicidal tendencies," said Dr T P Lahane, Dean of JJ hospital.

"With no desire to live, my brother, even requested the doctors to prepare his death certificate, while filling the consent form," said Arun.

The JJ Marg police station has taken cognisance of Khede's suicide attempt and are waiting for him to recover before registering a case of attempt to suicide.

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