Meet, man who has bedded over 1,000 cars

Oct 17, 2013, 09:40 IST | ANI

Unlike most men who ogle at beautiful women, Edward Smith claims he looks at the front and rear of beautiful cars

Over the last 45 years Smith has bedded nearly 1,000 lovers, but only one has been a person - the rest have been cars.

The 62-year-old from Yelm, Washington, United States is a mechaphile, which means that he is sexually attracted to cars, the Mirror reported.

He has only slept with one woman, who he had a one-night stand with, but it didn’t have much impact on him.

Smith was first attracted to machines in his teens, where he went on to engage in romantic congress with hundreds of vehicles and was having sex with one a week at his peak.

His usual conquests include Mustangs, luxury Jaguars and even attack helicopters.

Now he claims of being committed with his long-term lover, ‘Vanilla’, a second-hand Volkswagen Beetle he bought 30 years ago, who he says is “the one”. 

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