Meet a man who wants to do 33 jobs in 33 countries!

Apr 23, 2013, 10:01 IST | ANI

An aeronautical engineer has turned his back on his profession and set out across Europe to learn 33 more trades instead

Jan Lachner arrived in the UK this week to come face-to-face with sharks as a diving cleaner for the 31st stop on his trip, the Nation reported.

The 25-year-old, who started his project 18 months ago as a fisherman in Malta, said that he has taken on many challenges but probably not many as nerve-wracking as a diving cleaner.

He said that before this project he had a placement at Rolls-Royce and he was struck by the number of people who have spent their entire working lives with that one company.

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Lachner, who is half German and half French, said that he looked around one day and thought that they can be in the same profession for years and never know anything different.

He said that he was sure that most of those people were very happy, but he suddenly realised that he wanted to know what else is out there before eventually returning to the aeronautical industry.

Lachner added that he has a natural curiosity and he wanted to show that you can do anything regardless of your nationality.

Lachner’s 33 jobs are all follows:

1. Malta - fisherman
2. Cyprus - tourist officer
3. Spain - flamenco teacher
4. Ireland - barman
5. Luxembourg - estate agent
6. Switzerland - alpine horn maker
7. Liechtenstein - baker and confectioner
8. Slovenia - festival worker
9. Greece - archaeologist
10. Bulgaria - recruiter
11. Austria - marketing executive
12. Czech Republic - beer brewer
13. Slovakia – business development assistant
14. Hungary - spa employee
15. Romania - farmer
16. Croatia - teacher
17, Poland - hotel worker
18. France - EU parliament worker
19. Lithuania - jeweller
20. Latvia - volunteer in an NGO
21. Estonia - zoo keeper
22. Finland - park ranger
23. Sweden – interior designer
24. Denmark - wind turbine tester
25. Netherlands – flower factory worker
26. Iceland – photographer’s assistant
27. Germany - care worker
28. Norway - mechanic
29. Monaco - chef
30. Belgium – radio commentator
31. United Kingdom - Sea Life Centre worker
32. Portugal - cork industry worker
33. Italy - to be decided.

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