Meet Pakistani 'wife' who will soon turn into 'husband'

Sep 08, 2013, 07:22 IST | ANI

A Pakistani wife is now looking for a suitable girl so in order to start a new marital life now as a husband

Usman Akram, who was happily married to an expatriate Khalid as Nagina around eight months ago, was born as a girl to a family living in Ghaziabad, the Dawn reported.

However, when the couple had no “good news” even after two years of their marriage, Khalid asked his wife to consult a doctor following which they found that Nagina was undergoing sex change and needed surgery.

The surgery was conducted at a local private hospital, which turned her into a young man.

Usman told the publication that initially he felt very shy about the change he had gone through and for at least eight months used to shaved his face to grow facial hair so that he looked like a man.

Usman has been issued his new CNIC with male status.

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