Meet the silverscreen's Anna Hazare

Jun 05, 2012, 09:02 IST | Abhitash Singh

With Anna Hazare back to making headlines, Purushottam Narayan 'Manmauji' Mishra, can't wait to see himself on the big screen. After all, the actor who is playing the veteran activist in a film, says that his uncanny resemblance to him landed him this part over 100 other aspirants

Mishra says, “I came to know that director Manish Gupta was auditioning for this film from a close friend. When I went for the auditions, I saw 100 aspiring actors waiting in the queue.

Suddenly, a guy from the production team spotted me and took me in. The rest were sent back. I guess it was my resemblance with Anna that bagged me the role. My looks took care of 50 per cent of it, and the rest is hard work.”

The comic actor is taking his task seriously and is researching on the life of Anna Hazare. “He is a modern icon, and it’s tough to recreate him. Gupta gave me a CD on Anna’s life and I studied it well,” says the actor with earnestness. Manmauji has worked in over 1,000 films as a comic character. This is his first lead role.  

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