Meet the dog trainer who can teach pooches to operate iPads

Aug 28, 2013, 04:57 IST | ANI

A dog trainer has taught her pet to use an iPad

New York dog trainer Anna Jane Grossman got inspired by a fake news article about a college applicant instructing dogs on correct tablet technique.

Her eight-year-old poodle-Yorkie mix Amos can take a self-portrait on command, with the help of an app called Big Camera Button which is able to trigger an iPhone camera shutter just by touching the screen, Discovery News reported.

An app called YesNo has a green yes button and red no button and Grossman can order her dog to answer profound questions.

Grossman is now experimenting to get a pooch to differentiate between dark and light pairs of socks so that it is able to help its owner get dressed, using an audio-enabled app. 

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