Meet the Guardian superheroes

Feb 14, 2017, 09:20 IST | The Hitlist Team

Meet the Guardian superheroes


Arsus: Wildman, played by Anton Pampushnyy
Hindi name: Bhola
Known for his drive to 'break the enemy into small pieces', Arsus is a type of berserker or were-bear with the ability to transform himself into a large bear, seamlessly alter his size, bulk and musculature and turn into a physically augmented burly humanoid. He carries a mini-gun and its battery pack.


Ler: Landman (Armenian for mountain), played by Sebastien Sisak
Hindi name: Shiva
Earth manipulation ability, can stop falling rocks, move mountains, form instant craters, ravines, and sink holes to fight opponents. He can make an exo-skeletal armour to physically enhance himself. He's armed with a small chain with a large rock cemented on its end.


Kseniya: The Waterwoman, played by Alina Lanina;
Hindi name: Ganga
Skilled acrobat, gymnast, and martial artist, she has the ability to move on water and is flexible to a superhuman degree. She cannot feel temperature differences and can survive in airless vacuum. Her costume turns invisible with her and she uses transparency of water for offense and defense.


Khan: The Windman, played by Sanzhar Madiyev;
Hindi name: Khan
He is skilled in all kinds of martial arts and aerial acrobatics with superhuman speed and agility (almost teleportation-like). He has extreme perceptive powers in meditative state (eyes turn white) for super natural focus. His costume increases his effectiveness and abilities and he carried a twin crescent blade.

August Kuratov

August Kuratov (villain), played by Stanislav Shirin
He aspires to build his own army of clones to capture Moscow, and then gain control of the world. He's armed with a mechanised exo-frame-like harness to be able to overpower Ler/ Landman and owns a machine, Modul 1, which lets him control technical equipment by generating electric-like energy.

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