Meet the man who is now a female beauty contestant

Jun 25, 2013, 15:11 IST | ANI

A transgender woman from Barry, South Wales, is competing alongside 11 other contestants for Miss Diamond Queen 2013

Just three years ago, Dani St. James was a man called Daniel, however, it wasn’t until he became an 18-year-old that he made the decision to leave his life as a man, the New York Daily News reported.

But St. James, who is employed as a manager at a nightclub in Camden, confessed that her transition from male to female began at an early age.

She asserted that taking part in the beauty pageant is not only a big step for her but is also an opportunity for her to inspire others.

St. James said that the closer they get to the pageant, the more she realises how important this could be, and how acting as a face for transgender could help so many people.

She said that she is receiving many message from people, mainly young boys who want tips form her on how to look more feminine, asserting some men older than her is also asking for advice. 

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