Meet UK woman who's enrolled her yet-to-be-born daughter in beauty pageant

May 16, 2013, 10:54 IST | ANI

A seven-month pregnant mother from Lancashire is so obsessed with child pageants that she has already entered her unborn baby Ella's name into a competition

26-year-old Jenny Oliver - already mother to Jessica, 10, and seven-year-old Steven – will give birth to her second girl in July and will get her glammed up for her first Bonnie Baby pageant by September, the Sun reported.

Oliver from Blackpool said that with her dance skills and Elle’s sister Jess’ knowledge of pageants, there is no way that Elle won’t come first in the competition.

The organisers for Miss Natural Sparkle decided to open a round for newborns after many mothers showed interest.

For Jenny and husband Steve, 29, a mechanic, travelling across the country to pageants is a norm, since 2010, they have chaperoned their elder daughter Jess to ten different contests. 

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