Meeting Mr. Right at 25

Aug 23, 2012, 11:46 IST | MiD DAY Team

Eight out of 10 women want to meet their soulmates -- a romantic, hard working guy, one who isn't afraid to commit by 25, says a new UK survey. Indian gals in their early 20s couldn't agree more. But, we get a 30-something celeb to tell them why the wait is worthwhile

While flings may have become the new relationships today, and long-term commitments don’t always lead to the altar, a new survey states that women aren’t exactly happy with that. What women want and what they do are poles apart, claims the Young Woman’s Relationship Survey, commissioned by a UK magazine.

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Apparently, women notch up “as many sexual conquests as men” in a lifetime, and tend to “settle down” in their 30s. However, what they really want a soulmate whom they can marry by the time they hit 25. Agree or disagree? We quiz Indian women in their early 20s.

The magic number is NOT 25>>
Says actor Perizaad Zorabian, who tied the knot at 34. When you commit to a marriage, you are committing to a lifestyle change. You have to be ready to accommodate a new person in your space, without any hesitation. This can happen only if you have lived your single life to the fullest before getting hitched. The 20s are a time for building your career, mainly. By 30, you have had your share of relationships to know exactly what you want. You develop a sense of maturity, and are capable of balancing work and personal life. You won’t have any regrets, this way.

Perizaad Zorabian

Soulmate stats
88% of women surveyed would like a long-term commitment in a relationship
94% said they could envisage getting married, some day
89% agreed it was very important to be faithful in a marriage
67% of women felt they made the most effort in a relationship
75% of women said they’d had to deal with heartbreak

35 and single? Men don’t think there’s anything wrong with you
Vikrant Tandle, 29, Senior Manager- with an online company
I would consider a woman worthy of dating, based on our compatibility. Age doesn’t matter. People (not just women) are clear about what they want in their 30s. So, I would find it easier to relate to a 35-year-old woman. They are grounded and don’t get carried away under most circumstances.

Zubin Bharucha, 24, Key Account Manager with an online company
No, I wouldn’t be biased in judging a woman who is unmarried at 35. It’s her life, her choice. If anything, I would admire her independence.

Swapna Mayekar, 23, Assistant Manager-HR with a bank
Wants to meet soulmate by:
Wants to wed: Between 26 and 28 years
No Soulmate? I’d panic at 25: I would start thinking there’s something wrong with me. Also, there is immense pressure from society and family about the “ideal” age to get married. By 26, you are mature enough to balance your work life and personal life.

Jullie Ahmed, 20, Client Servicing Executive with a photography studio
Wants to meet soulmate by:
Wants to wed: At 25
No Soulmate? I’d panic at 25: The younger you are, the more choice you have, since most grooms seek younger girls. This insecurity mainly arises because of parental pressure; quarter life crisis is also a reason.

Dhara Sanghavi, 21, Interior Designer
Wants to meet soulmate by:
Wants to wed: By the time I turn 25
No Soulmate? I’d panic at 25: In India, this is considered the ideal age to get married. Also, the good guys get taken after a certain point. And I don’t believe in compromising.

Anvi Mody, 23, Account Executive with an ad agency
Wants to meet soulmate by:
Wants to wed: By 26
No Soulmate? I’d panic at 25: That would mainly be because of parental and societal pressure. I may believe in the “it will happen when the time is right” funda, and not depend on any thing to give me happiness. But, the ticking biological clock might demand that I hurry up the process. 

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