Memory loss causes lensman massive loss

Mar 04, 2013, 01:27 IST | Anup Satphale

Cops delay filing an FIR by over two months as they don't find photographer's recount of valuables worth Rs 1.61 lakh looted from him infallible

Two months after a photographer was drugged and robbed of his belongings, the police only registered an FIR against the unknown accused on Saturday.Amol More, a photographer who owns Studio Iris in Somwar Peth, was robbed of his belongings after an unidentified person laced his soft drink with a sedative at his studio on December 28. Police claimed that since the lensman was suffering from memory loss, they were uncertain if the incident had occurred and hence didn’t file an FIR earlier.

Robbed: Photographer Amol More who runs Studio Iris in Somwar Peth, was robbed of his belongings after an unidentified person laced his soft drink with a sedative at his studio on December 28. Pic/Krunal Gosavi 

Police officials, however, said that despite the lack of proper information, they continued to investigate the case. The lensman claims that despite providing the police with crucial information — CCTV footage and mobile number of the accused — they were not interested in registering the case, and only after he asked a former police officer to intervene, did they file a case.

The incident
More said, “I received a call from a customer who was interested in product photography and wanted to hire my services. He asked me to meet him at a hotel near Pune railway station. At the meet, the customer said that he would call a model for the product shoot and was also contemplating to conduct the shoot at a five-star hotel in the city. After this he went to get the product, and asked me directions to the studio.”

More claims that that after arriving at the studio, the accused suggested that the shoot be held here, as it was large enough. “He started chatting with me and offered me a soft drink that he had brought along with him. Since I had already had lunch, I refused but he forced me to take a sip. In the meantime, my friend telephoned me and I stepped outside, as there was no network inside the studio.

When I returned I gulped the remaining drink and after that I don’t remember anything. I found myself at the hospital after a couple of days. My camera, lens and other valuables, including a mobile and some other ornaments were missing,” said More.

More was taken to the hospital by his relatives and the police were informed of the incident. “I had even given the police a letter mentioning what had transpired, but there was no progress in the case,” More added.

On record
More also claims that he provided CCTV footage of the hotel where he had first met the accused. “I had also given the cops the accused’s mobile number. But even after several follow-ups, police officials did not respond. So I called my client a week ago, who is an ex-police official, and informed him about the matter. When my client called the concerned police official, a complaint was lodged,” More said.

PS Mandale, police sub inspector at Samarth Police station, said, “We received a complaint regarding this incident and are investigating the case. But, More is suffering from memory loss and we couldn’t get the exact details. He told us that he doesn’t remember the sequence of events correctly. But considering his condition and other details, we took cognisance of the incident and have lodged an FIR now.”

More said that he suffers from memory loss. He said “I had met with an accident in the past where I got injured. Because of the head injury, I do not remember names and numbers. So I write it down. But in this case, I have given the police information, which they can verify from the CCTV footage. The police gave me several reasons for not registering an FIR.” 

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