Men be prepared to spend lavishly on your partner this Valentine's Day

Feb 14, 2015, 08:30 IST | A Correspondent

Over 27 per cent women confess they’d take revenge for not receiving a special something on Valentine’s Day: Groupon India survey reveals

New Delhi: With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, men up and down the country will be worrying about what to get the lucky lady in their lives. However it seems that most men need to crack their heads, with Groupon India’s Valentine’s Day survey revealing that women hope for an exciting experience they can tell all their friends about.

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The research, which polled over 2,000 adults across India, reveals what women want to feel special on 14th February. They have let out a collective cheer for special gifts (54%), a romantic dinner date (26%) or simply having a romantic night at home (22%), whilst flowers (19%), cards (12%) and marriage proposals (7%) are out of the window, being voted the least desirable.

Paris (42%) and London (18 %) emerge as favorite romantic destinations beating other popular destinations such as New York (13%), Venice (12%), Berlin (4%), Barcelona (2%), Prague (4%), Krakow (1%) and Amsterdam (4%).

“In today’s busy world, most couples are looking for options to spend quality time with their partner on Valentine’s Day. We too have witnessed an evident spike in our F&B and Getaway deals. Most popular being the F&B package at Hyatt Regency Gurgaon and the stay package at The Park Chennai” - Ankur Warikoo, CEO, Groupon India.

Relationship advice
While a majority of women (49%) take the conventional route and reach out to their friends for advice, a small percentage of men have turned to hair dressers and taxi drivers to solve their woes.

Most women confessed that they would lie to escape a date with top excuses being – working late (18%), an ‘emergency’ call from a friend (11%), or even faking the death of a relative, 82% of men mentioned they will be honest about change of plans.

Bring in the moolah
On special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, over 42% respondents are willing to spend about Rs.1000- Rs.5000 on doing something special for their partner. Some were even willing to go all out and spend over Rs.20, 000 on the special occasion!

The survey also spots a growing trend in couples who believe in sharing expenses while on a date. Over 30% respondents prefer to split the bill or take turns while paying. On the other hand, more than half (60%) respondents still believe that men should pick up the tab while out on a date.

Online shopping is on a rise too and a majority of respondents (59%) mentioned that they would buy their Valentine something a special deal from Groupon because for them it’s the thought that matters.

Drop the pick-up line
The survey picked up some of the cheesiest pick-up lines, and asked respondents to vote for the best and worst. ‘I am not a photographer, but I can picture you and me together’ was voted as the cheesiest pick up line (29%) whereas ‘Have you been to the doctor lately, because I think you lack some Vitamin me’ emerged as the least favorite.

Don’t take a chance
No plans for Valentine’s Day? Think twice as over 27% women said that they will make sure that their partners make it up to them if they don’t get a gift or surprise this valentine’s day and do something big and expensive.

It’s all about the "showmance"
However, if men do take their partner to a fancy restaurant, they shouldn’t expect her full attention. Her eyes will be roaming to make sure you look like the most romantic couple in the room. A majority of women say they care about what other couples are doing and if they are having a more romantic time. Men, get it right and you’ll be the highlight of her day – a fifth of women admit to showing off and telling anyone who’ll listen about their great present. But ladies, be careful about boasting on social media, more than half (55%) of women admit this type of PDA bothers them.

You might be up on her Instagram/ Facebook for giving her the best surprise ever!

>> Men are set to dig deep into their pockets: over 60% respondents believe that men should pick up the tab while dining out on a special occasion

>> Men will be men: ‘I am not a photographer, but I can picture you and me together’ voted as the cheesiest pick-up line

>> Guess who is lying: Majority of women lie to escape a date whereas over three quarters of men (82%) want to be honest if they can’t plan it

>> E-shopping on a rise: 59% respondents would consider gifting their partner something from Groupon India for Valentine’s Day

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