Men are generally self-obsessed: Chitrangada Singh

Mar 03, 2013, 09:42 IST | Itee Sharma

Chitrangada Singh may have essayed roles of women who speak their mind but in real life she refrains from commenting about her personal life. Ahead of the release of her second film this year, I, Me Aur Main, she talks about the male-female dynamics and pairing with John Abraham for the first time

Your next film is titled I, Me Aur Main. So who is this self-obsessive person?
The film is about Ishaan (John Abraham), a commitment-phobic guy. He is very irresponsible in his relationships, whether it is with his mother, sister or girlfriend. But he manages to manage them with his charm. He is the typical man-child.

Where do you figure in his life?
My character Anushka is living-in with him but she finds it increasingly difficult to relate to him. Many women will identify with Anushka because a lot of men don't really grow up. They have this invisible diaper till they are 50. They are always trying to fight the mother sitting in their heads.

Would you say men are generally self-obsessed?
Yes, men are generally self-obsessed. The degree may vary. Women are more prone to feeling guilty. But men can be absolutely guilt-free about who they are.

Women too are known to be vain. Can they be more giving?
Insecurity causes women to become vain. They are concerned about their looks. But there is a more genuine case of selfishness in men.

Are you also obsessed about your looks?
Not too much. You have to be careful about how you look in a film as it's part of your job. But if you were to catch me otherwise, I am not into hair or makeup. I am very casual about my look.

Is your character the one who is more giving in a relationship?
My character has two sides therefore I had two different characters to play. On the professional front, she is secure and pays her bills; Ishaan lives in her flat. But she is very vulnerable; very much in love with this man.  And somewhere I do relate to her. One is a certain person in public and a different person in one's personal life.

A lot has been written about your personal life. Has the way you deal with controversies changed over the years?
I don't want to comment on that. The newspapers are doing their job and I am doing mine.

This is your second release this year. You seem to be getting busier every year.
The busy phase comes in spurts. I didn't have a single release last year. Inkaar and I, Me Aur Main, were supposed to release last year, but got delayed.

Though you have worked with John Abraham before, I, Me Aur Main is the first time you will be seen opposite him.
Yes. I have got to know him more on this film because he is also a co-producer. He has shown a lot of responsibility and involvement whether it is in the marketing or the background score. Otherwise, he is a simply guy, easy to get along with. There is good energy when he is around and that
translates into good chemistry on camera.

Is he self-involved?
(Ponders) Honestly, before I got to know him, I thought he would be self-obsessive. But he is not. He barely checks himself out even before the shots.

Reportedly John dates five women in this film.
No, it is just two women he dates; the other three are his mother, sister and boss. 

Do women get the chance to date more than one man at a time?
I hope so (laughs). But, I haven't tried it. Women should definitely go out and have the time of their life without experiencing guilt. But maybe it can get a bit serious … okay I can't be giving such advice. If you are in a serious relationship, you have to remain sincere. Otherwise, it is okay to have fun. 

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