'Men In Black III' tops list of 2012's most error-prone films

Jan 03, 2013, 08:22 IST | ANI

'Men In Black III', which has been one of the most successful films of all time, has topped the list of the most error-strewn flicks with 63 blunders.

With 35 35 continuity mistakes, ‘Skyfall’ come second in the poll of the top ten most gaffe-ridden films of the year, the Daily Mail reported. In third place is the Hollywood action film ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, followed by ‘The Avengers’ in fourth place.

Men In Black III
Men In Black III. Pic/Santa Banta

According to film critic Barry Norman, if we analyse the number of continuity errors, it is astonishing how many mistakes seem to go under the radar but there is no accounting for human error, but continuity errors do not hinder the enjoyment of the film.

Also on the list is the multi-million pound film franchise ‘The Hunger Games’, as well as the final instalment in the Batman series – ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

The errors have been compiled by moviemistakes.com, a website which encourages fans to email in and point out the blunders they notice.

The top 10 films with the most mistakes in 2012 were:

Men In Black III – 63
Skyfall – 35
Batman: The Dark Knight Rises – 24
The Amazing Spiderman – 24
The Avengers – 22
Looper – 14
Prometheus – 13
Argo – 13
Underworld: Awakening – 10
The Hunger Games – 10

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