Men prefer brains over beauty in women

Jul 13, 2012, 11:31 IST | ANI

Seven in ten men prefer personality to looks in a woman, a new poll has revealed

Half the men questioned said that they were most attracted to brainy girls with a sense of humour and with a sophisticated dress sense.

For 31 percent their ideal woman would be interested in music, for 28 percent movies, and for 32 percent they should be enjoying travel and sightseeing.

Sex and relationships, Why men prefer brains over beauty in women

In addition, the woman of their dreams should be funny, sensitive and thoughtful whilst also being outgoing, the researchers found.

Similarly, exactly 50 percent of the girls admitted that a brainy man was most attractive.

82 percent of men said that they would choose personality over looks.

While just 14 percent found sporty type of girl as the most attractive.

Only one in 20 admitted to being attracted to party animals with energetic personalities, making it the least attractive ‘type’ of girl.

“The findings suggest that male and female roles are evolving as what men look for in a woman are becoming more in line with what women typically look for in a man,” a major newspaper quoted psychologist Dr David Lewis as saying.

“Although we are initially attracted to someone through physical features, it’s now more important to people that their partners are companions rather than ‘trophies’.

“The recent economic downturn could also play a part in this evolvement, as we’ve become less materialistic as a nation than before the recession, and now seek partners who can provide us with contentment and security,” he said.

The results of the poll seem to have corroborated the long held belief that men have preferences for different personality types.

“We’ve always known guys have preferences for different personality types and it’s great to see this in our results,” a researcher said.

“It’s clear that different cultures and upbringings across the UK can make the mating game very competitive within regions, putting pressure on guys to succeed when they meet girls exhibiting a desired personality type,” he said.

1. Funny (21 percent)
2. Thoughtful (20 percent)
3. Sociable (14 percent)
4. Confident (10 percent)
5. Romantic (9 percent)

1. Brainy (50 percent)
2. Flirtatious (25 percent)
3. Sporty (14 percent)
4. High Maintenance (6 percent)
5. Party Animal (5 percent)

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