Men's guide on how to spot single women

Published: 19 October, 2011 12:06 IST | Agencies |

Wondering how to discover if the women you are interested in is single? Fox News has come up with several hints

Wondering how to discover if the women you are interested in is single? Fox News has come up with several hints.

She's full of eye contact
If her eye contact is darting all over the room as if looking for potential mates, you may be able to approach her because usually people who are already in a relationship don''t bother to look around much.

She's making eye contact with you and smiling
Eye contact is usually one of the first signs of interest, and if she's making intense eye contact with you from across the bar, then chances are she wants you to head on over and give her a try.

She's talking to every guy in the bar
If you see her talking to many guys from a distance, it may mean that she's open to conversation.

She looks at other couples with sadness
If you're observing her from afar and you notice her looking at other couples, she could be longing for the days when she was once also attached.

Her body language says it all
Body language says a lot about a person. If she has not single, then chances are she won''t be twirling her hair and touching other men ever so casually. Try to observe what her body language is saying:

Arms crossed, standing back: "Get away or I'll kick my heel in your face."

Touches your arm or leg subtly, or her own arm (she wants you to touch her): "Let's keep talking."

She's a chatterboxIf you start talking to a woman you work with, for example, and in one conversation she tells you that she has a dog named Max, does a lot of cooking, goes to the gym every week, and takes art lessons, chances are she doesn't have a man to come home to.

Out with the girls... again
Single women tend to go out and have fun with their girlfriends. If you see the same girl out with her friends more than once at the same bar, within a short period of time, chances are she's solo.

She dances with other men
If the two of you frequent the same club and she's often seen dancing with different men (but you know she came with the same group of female friends she always comes with), it's likely that she's dancing to her own tune, unless her and her boyfriend have a very "open" relationship.

She's overly friendly
Generally women who are not single tend to be less friendly with other men. If you notice that a woman is very sweet and friendly with most men she encounters, it's possible that she's single.

Spot a Single Woman With Stealth
You can always find out whether a woman is single by approaching her and asking for her number; she may say she already has a boyfriend, and whether or not that's true is a toss up -- but it's always worth a try.

Although it's difficult to directly approach a woman, you can use the aforementioned hints as clues to her status.

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