Men tweet pic of nude one-night stands in 'sickening bedofshame' trend

Jul 10, 2012, 06:43 IST | ANI

Women have always had to worry about getting pregnant or infected with STD after a one night stand, but now it seems that they also have to hope that their semi-naked in bed pic is not posted on Twitter, for thousands to see

Geordie Shore reality TV star Gary Beadle, had unwittingly sparked the trend a few days ago, dubbed bedofshame, but has now apologised after his comment prompted a furious online backlash.

Sex and relationships, Men tweet pic of nude one-night stands in 'sickening' bedofshame trend

The new twitter hash-tag had men tweeting pictures of themselves in bed with their passed out one night stands.

He inspired the trend when he asked his 500,000 followers: “How many people r doing the walk of shame hahahaha #wakeupwitharandom #awkwardtaxihome,” a major newspaper reported.

Just seconds later, responses poured in with hundreds of men posting photos of their half-dressed ‘conquests’ sleeping in the background.

Many were smiling and were pictured with their thumbs up. Beadle has since been dubbed a ‘hero’ and ‘legend’ by his Twitter fans.

However, in a statement today he urged people to delete the images after some women branded it ‘sickening’ and ‘disgusting’.

Others got their own back by posting pictures of men lying next to them asleep.

@xcandystripesx tweeted: #bedofshame is shocking and NOT acceptable!this is a form of abuse and is disrespectful towards women!’

Meanwhile, @Sarymclary wrote: ‘Rather sickened by #bedofshame trend. Would be interested to know the legal implications for posting naked images of people w/out consent?’

Beadle said in a statement: “I am sorry to anyone who’s been offended by my recent behaviour on Twitter. I’d like to apologise to fans of Geordie Shore, my Twitter followers, my fellow cast members and to MTV.

“I have really let myself down….all I can do is apologise and ask that anyone that has posted photos or comments to please delete them. I’ve already done the same,” he said.

However, many men were quick to defend the trend, describing it as a ‘laugh’ and ‘banter’.

“Haha love it! #awkwardsundays #bedofshame,” @luke_biler tweeted.

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