Mendes' mom her best fashion critic

May 22, 2012, 13:58 IST | IANS

Actress Eva Mendes says her mother is her biggest fashion critic

The 38-year-old says she rarely puts a foot wrong when it comes to style as her pushy mother keeps a watch on all her moves.

Eva Mendes
Eva Mendes

"Normally, I do something on the red carpet and wherever I am in the world she sends me a full email within minutes of everything she thought of my outfit," a website quoted Mendes as saying.

"It's really super cute. It's not like crazy. It is never negative, it is always constructive. It's like 'Eva, I don't know about that lipstick but that dress was gorgeous'. And then it will say 'Hmm, your shoes? But your hair was lovely'," Eva said.

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