Mentally ill teen raped by six men over six months

Sep 26, 2012, 07:10 IST | Shiva Devnath

The victim, who is now 5 months pregnant, has failed to provide any tangible information about the culprits to the police

All she remembers are the chocolates and the rickshaw rides. But the horrifying truth is that a 14-year-old mentally challenged girl was raped by six different persons in six months, and she is now 5 months pregnant. The case has been reported from Malvani. Sources say, when the girl would come out of her house the offenders lured her with chocolates and took her on auto rickshaw rides, and finally violated her. Cops say they have a tough job on their hands, as the girl is unable to recall much and has little idea about what happened with her.

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The girl accompanied by her father approached Malvani police recently. According to cops, the girl was lured on different days by the six unidentified men, who would take her to a desolate house, where they abused her.

According to the police, the girl has only managed to recall that one of the men had a big beard, and two auto rickshaw drivers were involved. She told the police that a watchman stood at the gate of the building where she was taken. She was then asked to take off her clothes, but has no memory of what happened afterwards.

Cops have formed a special team, which is trying to nab the accused. They will also approach child psychologists and other mental health professionals with the aim to extract more information from the victim, and help in the probe.

“A case of rape has been registered against unknown persons. Things appear bleak, as the girl cannot recollect much. Till now we have been probing the case solely based on the victim’s statement,” said senior inspector Abdulrauf Shaikh of Malwani police station. 

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