Metal will rock this weekend

May 17, 2013, 23:37 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Witness growling vocals, distorted guitars, blast beat drumming and black robes as three Metal acts from the city come together at the Blue Frog on Sunday

If you are a Heavy Metal fan, you wouldn’t want to miss the metal mania at Blue Frog this Sunday. The evening will see three bands — Solar Deity, Reptillian Death and Albatross, each with their own influences, and sound, send shivers down your spine.

Vinay Venkatesh, vocalist of Reptilian Death

Most importantly, the gig will feature originals and not covers. Expect Solar Deity, also making its debut at Blue Frog, to delve deeper into the dark forces of nature (also their influence) as they pick the best from their two albums for this concert. “We are going to play only originals,” says Aditya Mehta, guitarist and vocalist of the band, who formed the act in 2012 with drummer Yash Pathak of Exhumation fame. Today, the lineup includes Animesh Das on bass and Akash Shah on guitar. “We have released two albums — In The Name Of Satan and The Darkness Of Being, and a single Snowless. So there’s no space for covers in our set,” adds Mehta.

Members of Albatross

The band, known for its black-hooded appearance says that their music shifts within the different styles of Black Metal. “Our music is driven by feelings, emotions, and sometimes the lack of them,” adds Mehta.

Albatross on the other hand would be presenting traditional concept-based Heavy Metal songs like In The Court of Kuru, Among the Cannibal and Wither, from two EPs — Dinner Is You and The Kissing Flies. Formed in 2009, the band is heavily influenced by international Metal act King Diamond. The current lineup includes Biprorshee Das (vocals), Vignesh (guitars), Nishith (guitars), Jay Thacker (drums) and Dr Hex (fretless bass).

The evening will also coincide with the official release of Reptillian Death’s new album, The Dawn Of Consummation And Emergence, which is their second after seven years. With a new vocalist Vinay Venkatesh from Bhayanak Maut, the album will decide Reptilian Death’s sound from now onwards, says drummer Sahil Makhija.

“We have seen many changes since we were formed in 2001, but this album will establish our identity among our fans. Even if the lineup changes, our sound will not,” he adds.
The group will also appear on the stage wearing black robes, and wouldn’t show their face to the fans except for the vocalist Venkatesh.

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