Metro won't hurtle down tracks by September end

Sep 22, 2011, 07:08 IST | Johnlee Abraham

Reach I was expected to be operational by Sept 26, but deadline is likely to be missed, since the CRS has turned down the BMRCL's compliance report

Reach I was expected to be operational by Sept 26, but deadline is likely to be missed, since the CRS has turned down the BMRCL's compliance report
Deadlines are meant to be made, but are they meant to be broken with the same ease as the Bangalore Metro has been repeatedly doing from the time the rail project began?

Metro has so far missed four deadlines and it looks
ill-prepared to meet the fifth one as well

A week after promising the city that the last hurdle would be cleared leading to the inauguration of Reach I before the end of September, the Metro Corporation has yet again shown that their time management skills and promises have no credibility whatsoever.
The project till date has missed four deadlines and has invited wrath as well as a feeling of hopelessness from the common man.

This time the delay is being attributed to the Commissioner for Railway Safety (CRS) turning down the compliance report filed by the Metro.

The Reach 1, which is a mere 6.7 km stretch from Byapanahalli to M G Road, was scheduled for launch by September 26, but seems highly unlikely at this point in time.

CRS D K Singh in an exclusive interview with MiD DAY points out the several lapses by the BMRC.

What are the main flaws you found with the Bangalore Metro?

DK Singh (DKS): The main reason for delay is that Bangalore Metro started construction of the tracks before the Railway Board gave out the safety standards. Therefore there were issues with the schedule of dimension and we had to ensure that all precautions were in place.

MD: After your safety inspection earlier this month, you had listed a set of 'improvements' to Bangalore Metro. What have you found in the compliance report?

DKS: I have sent the report back to Bangalore Metro and asked for improvements to be made in the rail track aspects.

MD: Bangalore Metro is drawing flak for the repeated delays. Do you think there was any pressure on you to complete inspection quickly?

DKS: Since it is their (Bangalore Metro) first Reach, there were some shortcomings. However, I am sure they have learnt enough from this experience to deliver the other stretches on time.

MD: Bangaloreans are eagerly waiting for their Metro, why is the CRS taking so long to issue the certificate?

DKS: My job is to ensure that all safety parameters related to the Bangalore Metro are in place. If anything goes wrong, I will be the one who will be blamed.

MD: What do you have to say to Bangaloreans, who have waited for so long to get their Metro rail?

There is nothing to worry about and these are just starting hiccups. Very shortly, Bangaloreans will have their Metro and we are just making improvements to make it better.

While Bangaloreans expect the services to start from September 26, sources within the corporation reveal that this deadline will also be missed.

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