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Apr 07, 2013, 11:21 IST | Kaveri Waghela

Uney Pure Shahar Ek � a Marathi play adapted from Girish Karnad's original Benda Kaalu On Toast (Baked Beans on Toast) is a take on Pune, its people and the history attached to an urban landscape

The city,we live in forms an important role in our lives. There is a lot a city teaches us, from tradition and culture to survival instincts. “The city and her people co-exist. Neither can stand alone,” says Ashish Mehta, the producer of the play. 

Uney Pure Shahar Ek delves deeper into the nuances of the city and its history, explains Mehta. “The play is about the growing incompleteness of people, their struggles, ambitions, plans and frustrations.”

A still from the Marathi play Uney Pure Shahar Ek

Though the original play was based on Bangalore, this play is based on the city of Pune, which Mehta describes as the fastest growing metropolitan. “I have changed the language and some colloquialisms to give it a more Maharashtrian feel.”

It took three months to complete and will see some new talented theatre artistes on stage such as Prajakta Salparde, Laxmi Birajdar and Rahul Parkhe along with veterans such as Jyoti Subash and Pratibha Date. Mehta says, “It was very difficult to stage the play with 19 actors but they were all very focused which made things relatively easy in the end.”

When: April 11, 6 pm
Where: NCPA, Experimental theatre, NCPA, Nariman Point
Call: 22824567
Entry: Rs 200 

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