MHADA can't refund Rs 10 cr online because of applicants' mistakes

Jun 13, 2013, 07:08 IST | Varun Singh

Officials say their attempt to repay deposits for 2012 lottery ran into many goof-ups by applicants, who failed to provide accurate bank details, forcing the housing body to refer to paperwork

With those applying for MHADA flats providing wrong information, the development body is finding it difficult to embrace digitalisation from the traditional paperwork.

While refunding the deposit money to unsuccessful applicants via the electronic clearing system, MHADA officials realised that about 3,500 applicants had either provided them with wrong account numbers or wrong spelling of names. File pic

The issue came to light after it was learnt that MHADA officials had to switch back to old ways to find details of those who failed to win MHADA flats during the 2012 lottery to refund the money they had deposited with the development body, to gain eligibility to apply for flats. The amount MHADA collected through deposits earnest money deposit (EMD) was about Rs 10 crore of which Rs 7.5 crore belonged to its Mumbai board.

It was while refunding the EMD via the electronic clearing system (ECS), the officials realised that about 3,500 applicants had either provided them with wrong account numbers and wrong names. While in some of the cases the person’s name and account number did not tally, in others the account in the applicant’s name had been closed.

A senior MHADA official said such silly mistakes by applicants are hampering their efforts of going online completely. “People should understand that bank details are crucial and must mention the specific codes correctly so that when we refund their deposit, it reaches them without a glitch,” the officer said.

Vishwas Deshmukh, deputy chief officer of Mumbai board, claimed MHADA officials had to call the applicants by issuing notices to collect their deposits. Confirming that this year too they witnessed similar errors from the applicants, Deshmukh said that because the applicants filled out wrong bank details MHADA officials were forced to refer to the paperwork. For now, the list of the 2012 applicants who are yet to receive their deposits, including the errors in their forms, has been uploaded on MHADA website. 

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