MHADA roped in to redevelop police colonies

Jun 07, 2015, 07:02 IST | Varun Singh

The government’s proposed housing policy states that most living quarters are not up to modern living standards

There is some good news in store for Mumbai’s policemen. According to the government’s proposed housing policy, more than 29 police colonies within Mumbai and across Maharashtra will be redeveloped via Maharashtra Housing and Development Authority (MHADA). Those who are still in service will be given homes that measure 425 square feet. The size of homes for higher officials is yet to be decided.

Bhiowada police quarters
Bhiowada police quarters Pic/ Datta Kumbhar

As per the policy, Floor Space index (FSI) of 4.00 will be permitted for the redevelopment. Out of this, 55 per cent of this FSI will be used for meeting the requirements of the police department while the remaining 45 per cent will be used by MHADA to construct affordable houses for the general public.

According to the policy, many homes are dilapidated and not up to modern living standards. “Our police force works tirelessly around the clock and it is imperative that the housing policy provides incentives for the redevelopment of police housing quarters.

The government has already established the Police Housing Corporation Ltd. However, the requirement for police housing has not been completely fulfilled by the Police Housing Corporation Ltd. Therefore MHADA will enter into a joint venture with the Police Housing Corporation for the construction of the existing police housing quarters within Mumbai and the rest of Maharashtra,” reads the policy. It also states that the MHADA will appoint world-class architectural consultants to design the projects with a view to build a sustainable living environment.

The Urban Development department has already introduced a draft of the Development Control Regulation recently for the redevelopment of police housing quarters. The government will now bring into force these changes on an urgent basis.

A sum of Rs 100 crore will be earmarked by MHADA in the current year for the redevelopment. MHADA will also appoint an officer at the Chief Officer level, who will serve as the nodal point for the redevelopment project in Mumbai and the rest of Maharashtra. The project aims to redevelop policemen’s housing quarters across Maharashtra into modern sustainable housing projects by the year 2022. Calls to housing minister for the state Prakash Mehta went unanswered.

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