Michelle Obama gives new French first lady tips

May 23, 2012, 06:06 IST | Agencies

Valerie Trierweiler said she was impressed by seasoned US First Lady and was thankful for the advice she gave on how to cope in the public spot light

France’s new First Lady Valerie Trierweiler, said she had been given some precious tips on her new role by Michelle Obama, as she eyed a future as an ambassador for equality.

Valerie Trierweiler and Michelle Obama are all smiles as they speak to students at a French school

“What interests me, is the beginning, the children, equal opportunity,” she said after a visit to a French school in Chicago, where NATO leaders held a summit.
“There is an expectation and we are getting huge amounts of letters from associations. I’ll look into it, little by little.”

Trierweiler, who has raised eyebrows as she is not married to new French President Francois Hollande although the couple have been together since 2007, confirmed she did not intend to give up her career.

Valerie, looking pretty in a fawn-coloured summer dress, said that Michelle was very charismatic and impressive

A twice-divorced 47-year-old journalist she plans to continue her media career and combine it with her first lady role. “I’ve given up being a political journalist, so that’s done, but I am still counting on carrying on,” she said.

Trierweiler also said that she had been impressed by her first meeting with America’s First Lady Michelle Obama. “She is really one of the people who has impressed me the most in my life,” Trierweiler said.

“She has incredible presence, and an amazing charisma. She could also launch a political career,” she added, thanking Obama for her “warm welcome” and “her precious advice” on the role of the first lady.

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