Michelle Obama jokingly blames mid-life crisis for new hair cut

Feb 20, 2013, 07:57 IST | Agencies

US First Lady Michelle Obama joked the slight change to her haircut before Christmas that gathered almost as many column inches as her husband's inauguration, was just a sign of her mid-life crisis.

The 49-year-old First Lady of the USA debuted a fresh new fringe for her birthday in November, prompting US President Obama to suggest it was the most significant event of his inauguration weekend.

Makeover: US First Lady Michelle Obama showed off her new haircut a few days after her birthday. She received a lot of praise for the new style even during Obama’s inauguration function. File Pic

In an interview, Michelle quipped that her fringe was the only way she could show her feelings about turning 49. “This is my mid-life crisis, the bang,” she laughed. “I couldn’t get a sports car. They won’t let me bungee jump. So instead, I cut my bangs.”

And unlike many mid-life crises, this one got a big thumbs up from her spouse. “I love her bangs!” US President Barack Obama said shortly after she cut them on her 49th birthday. “She always looks good.”

Not that she needed her husband’s approval, of course; though US President Obama may be the leader of the free world, his wife is strictly the boss of her own hair. “I can do this,” she said smiling and gesturing to her new cut. “This is all mine.”

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