Michelle recycles dress for 3rd time

Nov 08, 2012, 09:40 IST | Agencies

First Lady Michelle Obama kicked off her husband's second term in office as she means to go on.

Instead of showcasing a new designerwear she recycled a metallic raspberry coloured dress by Michael Kors, first seen in 2010.

She wore the dress during a Medal of Honor ceremony in Washington on November 16, 2010 (pic below), adding a pin to the little black jacket. And she wore it in 2009, without the jacket, for aholiday look.

‘Flaghead’ lady goes viral
A FLAG-toting Obama supporter has become an internet hit after accidentally “distracting” viewers during the US President’s victory speech. The woman, dubbed “flaghead” by Twitter users, could be seen shaking a flag on her head back and forth behind Obama as he addressed the American public in Chicago. As all eyes were meant to be on a triumphant Obama, many viewers were instead watching the enthusiastic supporter over his left shoulder.

Barack Obama ji... Yes! You can, again... Mubaarak USA!
— AR Rahman

It’s never been a doubt in my mind that Obama will win Election 2012, but this will be a really tough term
—Shekhar Kapur

Four more years for Obama — a very good thing! Now let’s focus on our election choices...
—Soha Ali Khan 

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