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Aug 29, 2013, 06:51 IST | The Centrestage Team

On his birthday today, fitness guru, Mickey Mehta turns 51, and also celebrates 31 years of being a pioneer in the wellness business

He is also a trusted holistic health guru to leading billionaires of India Inc. So how does Mickey Mehta intend to kick start his second half-century? “With my new campaign, ‘Wellness Revolution – Human Evolution’,” revealed Mickey.

Elaborating, he said the ‘revolution’ was in making the common person understand the difference between ‘fitness’ and ‘wellness’ and the ‘evolution’ was in helping them make the transition. To encourage this growth, Mickey is generously offering a staggering 51 per cent discount on annual memberships at his many 360° Wellness Temples across Mumbai.

“My dream is to have a disease-free world,” he said, “so that everyone from eight to 80 can simply and happily lead a life free of the pains and fears of hospitalisation and medicine. But for a better tomorrow, it is important that we take care of our today, that’s what I mean by ‘revolution’ and ‘evolution’.”

His campaign that’s being launched today, goes beyond traditional fitness to introduce eclectic Asian wellness techniques guaranteed to develop the body and soul. So far, Mickey has taken top industrialists, big film stars, reigning beauty queens and high-ranking police officers up this path of wellness.

If you wish to know more about Mickey Mehta:
Website: www.mickeymehtahbf.com  

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