mid-day 37th anniversary: off the grid - The Mumbai you can't search online

Jun 24, 2016, 08:30 IST | mid-day team

After a brief hiatus, mid-day's blockbuster anniversary issue returns in its bumper avatar on June 24. We renew our vows with you in this digital age with an edition full of Mumbai stories you can't Google

mid-day 37th anniversary: off the grid - The Mumbai you can't search online

Bombay, in other words
On invitation, Farrukh Dhondy gets to the root of 37 words this city gave to India and the world (Read more)

The capital we did not build
Just a few years before this newspaper was born, the idea for a new state capital was killed. Civil engineer Shirish Patel, who co-conceived the city of Navi Mumbai with Charles Correa and Pravina Mehta, looks back at an ambitious plan that died a quiet death (Read more)

How the fuzz gets the buzz
The recent digitisation of the Police Notice, a daily news bulletin for the cops, is in keeping with the times and crimes (Read more)

Street side story
The names of some of Mumbai's old neighbourhoods and locations have quaint and, at times, rather curious origins (Read more)

The InQuiz-ition
Fiona Fernandez tests your knowledge of Mumbai with this fiendish quiz you cannot Google (Read more)

Do be cheap
Mumbai's divine eats at dirt-cheap rates make it to a culinary map that celebrates us turning 37 with a spread of under-Rs 37 dishes (Read more)

The sweet spot
Remember that black-and-white striped peppermint bullseye from your childhood? Meet the family that makes every '80s kid's favourite candy (Read more)

Survival is an art
In Mumbai Sangeet Kalakaar Mandal, often mistaken for Congress House, the traditional art form of the mujra is far from over. But, what you have now is a mish-mash, where Umrao Jaan's Rekha meets Ragini MMS' Sunny Leone (Read more)

Three cheers for drama
One third of a trio of acting talent that came together to launch Mumbai theatre group Motley in 1979, Tom Alter remembers sharing the stage for the first time with allies Naseeruddin Shah and Benjamin Gilani and how the enterprise was born (Read more)

Ace of Clubs
Recalling Rajasthan Sports Club's Kanga League 'A' division triumph in 1979 on Mid-day's 37th anniversary (Read more)

Neigh-ver knew about this?
Greed and steeds, guns 'n' goons, Mahalaxmi racecourse is a place where one impulse from this green and pleasant land may tell you more of man; of insatiable greed and human flaws than all the sages can (Read more)

Summer of '79
Born in the same year as this paper, fame's children talk about life at the top (Read more)

8 Chakachak moments, Fast aur Local in no time
Call me Mumbai. I have been name-called so many times.. I was Bombay, then Heptanasla, then Bimbasthana, then kakamuchee... who cares? To not live in the past is my nature. I live for myself and present moment. I set my own direction... those who do not want to go where I want to go get thrown out. Those who cannot keep up get left behind. And when you think you have this merry dance figured out, I will change direction without warning. You think you are living in me, but I live through you. Keep calm and keep moving... (Read more)

Visarjan - A short story
By the ninth cycle of her chemotherapy Kalyani couldn't swallow. So Girish had tried to stay on liquids too... (Read more)

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