MiD DAY anniversary: 20 ways to know Mumbai better

Jun 28, 2013, 08:03 IST | Fiona Fernandez and Dhara Vora

How well do you know Mumbai? As we celebrate another milestone in your newspaper's journey, we invite you to take the ultimate Mumbai quiz

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus was lit up in April to mark its 125th Anniversary. Pic/Shadab Khan

1. Uniforms of soldiers belonging to the British army were once laundered here. How do we know this place today?

2. Years ago, the city’s main drain flowed past this site. Since then, the place has retained a reference to that fact in its name. What is it called even today?

3. What was the most popular form of gambling during the monsoon?

4. “A rather badly fitting set of false teeth to the city”. Which part of the city was respected architect, Claude Batley referring to when he said this?

5. In 1858, where did the announcement regarding Mumbai’s transfer from the Company to the British Crown take place?

6. On February 28, 1948, the last British troops from the First Battalion of the Somerset Light Infantry left India. They passed through a famous city landmark as Auld Lang Syne was played in an unforgettable ceremony, with thousands lining up to bid them goodbye. Which was this structure?

7. Mumbai’s horse carriages or tongas have the code V25 inscribed on them. What does the ‘V’ stand for?

8. He was known as the ‘Cotton King’ and the Rajabai Clock Tower is named after his mother. Who was he?

9. Which legendary actress wrote Urdu poetry under the pen name ‘Naaz’?

10. This landmark bears a striking resemblance to Bijapur’s Gol Gumbaz, and even served as a hospital during World War I. Name this structure.

Visual Quiz:

1. Though the man whom these initials belong to has been forgotten by most, he lends his name to one of the biggest and oldest markets of the city. What is this landmark?

2. The stars are made from real gold and thousands of city travellers pass under them everyday. Where is it?

3. These faces adorn the outer facades of a famous city garden, which was once a site for cotton auctions. How do we know this uniformly designed circle today?

4. This statue of the mighty Hindu deity stands tall between a water body in the northern part of the city. Name this place that has served as a recreational centre to the area for several years.

5. This war memorial stands near one of Mumbai’s oldest commercial hubs and is a symbol of the city’s connect to World War I. What is it called and where does it stand?

6. This winged lion stands as a sentinel at the entrance of the head office of the current ‘rulers’ of the city. Where will you see this carved icon?

7. You know that you’re in the heart of Mumbai when you spot this structure. This fish is just a glimspe of its stunning carvings , and was originally supposed to be installed at the city zoo. How do we know it today?

8. This statue has a connect with a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the city. It now stands at Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum in Byculla. What is the name of the site we are talking about?

9. This colonial bungalow was constructed to resemble a European villa. Now, it is known for an entirely different, starry reason. What are we referring to?

10. If you believe that this ornately carved structure belongs to a heritage site in South Mumbai, think again. This stands among lush trees in Parel and to give you a hint, is connected with animal welfare in the city. Name the area where it stands.

Pics: Dhara Vora, Suresh KK, Pradeep Dhivar, Madeeha Attari, Sameer Markande


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