mid-day at JLF: Modi's salesmanship won't last long, says Shashi Tharoor

Jan 24, 2016, 08:30 IST | Suprita Mitter

Shashi Tharoor clears the air about sundry issues that plague him

About Sunanda Pushkar
I will not talk about it till the police finish their investigations. Once in court, I will have a lot to say.

About Modi
He’s selling an empty packet. The salesmanship won’t last long. Congress will be back next election. It’s a name-changer government not a game-changer government. They just take programmes we (UPA) started long ago and say they are new. The PM’s silence baffles me. He uses the mic, TV, Twitter to communicate. He wishes Sidhu for his operation, but is silent on the Dalit issue, and was silent when the Pune Muslim techie was killed. It took him a week to respond about the Buddhists.

Shashi Tharoor at a press conference on Saturday.
Shashi Tharoor at a press conference on Saturday.. Pic/PTI

On the Dalit student's suicide
Nehruji would have also wanted a society without caste but that’s not happened yet. Many students wrote to me after the incident about what they think is pervasive discrimination against scholars and students. I’m not in a position to judge whether it’s discrimination or not. But that is the common perception.

On Netaji's files being declassified
Nehru’s unsigned note is fake, propagated by the RSS types. He was not capable of such bad language. It’s very badly written and unsigned. It’s unfair to blame a dead man based on a fake note.

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