mid-day editorial: Bikers should think beyond need for speed

Apr 18, 2017, 06:22 IST | mid-day correspondent

A speeding biker claimed a life over the weekend

A speeding biker claimed a life over the weekend. A youth riding along the city's death track, better known as Marine Drive, crashed into a 53-year-old Girgaum resident, who later succumbed to his injuries. According to reports, the victim was crossing the road near the Aquarium, when a bike rammed into him. The 21-year-old biker suffered minor injuries and the Marine Drive police arrested him. However, he managed to secure bail from the holiday court on personal bond.

Bikers need to reduce speed on long stretches of roads like the Marine Drive. There is an urgent need to book these speed devils, who ride the "sab chalta hai" wave and race on city streets as if they are on racing tracks. Cops should take strict measures to check speeding on along busy roads in the city, especially those like Marine Drive that are prone to accidents. Youths should be made to understand that little joy comes out of speeding in populated areas.

Unfortunately, it's become a common occurrence to spot bike racers at Haji Ali area, Bandra, Worli Sea Face and other north-bound stretches in the city, especially late at night or early in the morning. While cops have launched several awareness campaigns, it's upon the youngsters to make good use of their civic sense. 'Go slow' signs register at a subconscious level, the need of the hour is to instil among these youths that speeding may lead to their demise too. While celebs are roped in for annual campaigns like Road Safety Week, perhaps they could be sought for round-the-year initiatives by the traffic department.

But the onus also lies on parents and guardians of these youth to steer them in the 'right path'. Youngsters should be taught to respect life - their own as well as that of the others around them. Speed kills and motorists should keep that in mind.

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