mid-day editorial: Your love is no reason to take someone's life

Aug 04, 2017, 06:05 IST | Santosh Wagh

Even in these times, a woman who dares to choose whom to love, could end up paying the highest price for it

Even in these times, a woman who dares to choose whom to love, could end up paying the highest price for it. A young man who was denied the hand of the woman he loved, instead took her life in the most brutal manner. He chopped her body to bits and stuffed it in a suitcase, after she turned down his marriage proposal and got engaged to a another man.

No doubt, rejection is hard to take, but nothing warrants a reaction like this. For years now, women have suffered hugely just for rejecting suitors and proposals. Spurned suitors have simply not been able to accept that the woman they were pursuing did not fancy them too. Women have been victims of revenge crime like acid attacks, stabbings and strangulations, all because they did not reciprocate interest.

Young men need to be taught that women are not duty-bound to say yes to their proposals or propositions. Rejections can, and will, come at different stages in life; it is inexcusable to harass women, stalk them or take revenge by throwing acid at them or posting videos online. Cyber revenge has become yet another tool to shame girls; intimate videos are leaked, obscene messages are pasted and online harassment has been taken to a new level in cases where an affair has soured or a woman has turned a man down.

Young men need to be counselled about how to handle their emotions and what is an appropriate reaction in such situations. Women should be encouraged to report any harassment, even online. These things should not be taken lightly, as it can quickly escalate and spiral out of control. Often, such fears are brushed aside, explaining away the man's rage as a natural reaction to rejection. Take your safety seriously, women. And men, keep your emotions in check.

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