mid-day editorial: Don't be a tubelight, we only need streetlights

Nov 06, 2017, 06:08 IST | mid-day correspondent

Citizens' complaints and pleas to light up the area near Bhakti Park Monorail station in Wadala have fallen on deaf ears.

Citizens' complaints and pleas to light up the area near Bhakti Park Monorail station in Wadala have fallen on deaf ears.

In March last year, this paper had reported about a former anaesthesia professor who had requested the BMC to install streetlights on the poorly-lit stretch between the Adarsh Nagar bus stop and the Monorail station. Assurances that were given have resulted in naught, and once darkness falls, which is quite early since we are approaching winter, people fear venturing out for evening walks.

Paucity of streetlights means the stretch of road may become rife with criminal and anti-social elements. It is also important to have adequate light as our roads, with their broken footpaths, loose paver blocks and other hazards, have become challenging and have posed huge injuries to people even in broad daylight. When there is low visibility, this danger is multiplied for those walking, trying to cross the roads or simply venturing out of their workplace or buildings for an errand.

Equally important is the need to put a premium on women's safety. With the recent spate of shameful incidents where women seem to have become easy targets, it is all the more crucial that we ensure the city's roads are well-lit.

One fails to fathom why even after a year, there has been no attention to this problem, and complaints have been brushed off and trivialised. It also points to the fact that no agency or body is taking responsibility for this. There is a complete lack will to take the onus for, and solve, this problem.

Mumbai is one of the best-lit cities in the country and we must work to keep up this reputation. A couple of basic streetlights cannot be that difficult to install. Get moving on this.

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