mid-day editorial: Take the dengue battle out of your homes

Jul 15, 2017, 06:02 IST | mid-day correspondent

Since January this year, the BMC has been a buzzkill for all the right reasons

Since January this year, the BMC has been a buzzkill for all the right reasons. According to data from the civic body's Insecticide Department, it has inspected 58.5 lakh homes to check breeding spots for mosquitoes causing dengue and malaria and destroyed about 8,000 such spots. It hasn't stopped at inspection alone, collecting Rs 20 lakh in fines from citizens and societies charged in mosquito breeding cases.

While the BMC is doing a good job, it is time, we as citizens claim a stake in the fight against dengue and malaria. It is small, individual steps that will go a long way in ensuring that the city is always ahead in it fight against these diseases.

Do not stop at your house only. We should move away from the attitude that says my responsibility ends with my home. Look out for spots and dangers in your building complex. Looks for old tyres near the building, broken boxes and containers, dilapidated plastic water tanks and any kind of material that acts as receptacle and do see to it that it is disposed off. Alert your cleaning person to pick it up if it is in the compound, or be persistent with complaints and follow-ups about getting this cleaned, as they are breeding grounds.

We see that people are particular about their homes not having any receptacle that can act as breeding site, but are not as careful about their surroundings outside their home door, even in the compound of buildings, in passageways or in nooks and crannies like near elevators or underneath the staircase. An attitude that 'this is not my headache, let the co-operative housing society handle this' is counterproductive.

We need to come together with the BMC because all of us are allies in this fight the bite battle. Bring the combat outside our homes to our surroundings and take serious ownership of the issue.

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