MiD DAY's 'Aditi' story sends social networks into a tizzy

Jul 24, 2013, 01:45 IST | A Correspondent

Social networking websites were abuzz with reactions to MiD DAY's story yesterday, with hundreds of networkers taking to Facebook, Twitter and other portals to express their outrage over the incident. Prominent netizens with huge followings on websites also responded to the story

One thing’s for sure. Congress silly high handedness in handling #aditirestaurant makes it a glutton for punishment

We ask for zero tolerance for corruption; zero tolerance for crime; for incompetence. What do we get? Just zero tolerance. #AditiRestaurant

Doesn’t the UPA know that the proper protocol for harassing restaurants is hashtagging it and tagging everyone in whiny tweets about it?

The Aditi owner is only printing what the nation has seen! The Congress blokes are dolts to aggravate this and again remind us all!

Shirish Kunder

Moral of the #AditiRestaurant Story: Never write your tweets on Food Bills.

Cong workers r stupid if they have shut down Aditi restaurant at Parel. They r falling in BJP trap. find out who owner Shrinivas Shetty is!

Shekhar Kapur

Wow!! this restaurant is getting popular #aditirestaurant I'm going 2 eat there ... ummm.. where is it ?

Watch Out ! Mumbai restaurant shut down for criticising UPA government, what next? #aditirestaurant

Vishal Dadlani

Who is this dedicated bill-reader in the Youth Congress, that reads restaurant-bills past the nett total? What dedication to his/her nation!

@AditiRestaurant owner is in trouble because he gave food insecurity bill!!

Mumbai congress workers pay tribute to late Shri Balasaheb Thackeray by closing Hotel Aditi over bill.

The bigger takeaway from this Aditi thing is that a defamation bill exists in the IPC and that it applies to ELECTED political parties.

And Bharat Ratna for IYC Goons RT @abpnewstv: A case is registered against owner of Aditi Hotel in Mumbai's Bhoiwada police station.

Amusing to see the reaction to Aditi eatery from both Congress and BJP.

Congress goondas are, well, goondas. But will these local cops be held accountable for a false “defamation” case?

India is a third world country. It lets a ruling party shut down an eatery that passively protested against govt

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