MiD DAY turns 34

Jun 28, 2013, 08:33 IST | Sachin Kalbag

MiD DAY executive editor Sachin Kalbag talks about the special anniversary issue

MiD DAY is thirty-four. And like many thirty-four-year-olds, the newspaper is trying to grow out of the impatience of youth and approach the world with a calmer, but sterner eye.

Since 1979, MiD DAY has been a chronicler of the city, a passionate companion who urges you to fight against odds while standing behind you, and a trusted friend. This year, like every year, MiD DAY marks its anniversary by celebrating the city it owes everything to. This year, we rediscover Mumbai across six sections of twenty-four pages each City, Sports, Bollywood, Lifestyle and Culture, Food, and Fashion.

While every department in the organisation editorial, sales, pre-press, marketing, back-end services, production, distribution has contributed in putting this edition together, it is due to these following team members that creating the anniversary issue was a dream: Hemal Ashar (issue editor); Hitesh Chudasama (art director); Zaki Hasan (chief designer); Dharmesh Rathod (senior designer); Sivalal Surendran (senior designer); Ganesh Pawar (designer); Amit Bandre, our fabulous illustrator; and Fiona Fernandez (features editor).

Thank you, team, and thank you, dear readers, for believing in the newspaper. Until next year...

Sachin Kalbag, Executive Editor

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