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Jun 27, 2014, 09:42 IST | MiD DAY Correspondent

To mark mid-day's 35-year-celebrations, for one week beginning from 23rd June, we will bring you moments that have defined Mumbai through 35 years

For one week beginning from 23rd June, this paper will include a bonanza anniversary section.

mid-day’s 35-year celebrations span a gamut of subjects from iconic buildings and institutions to young achievers standing on the cusp of greatness.

mid-day's 35th anniversary special

We bring you moments that have defined Mumbai through 35 years, and movies that are considered milestones in entertainment; grub hubs that have had gourmets and gluttons flocking to them through all these years and chill out avenues that Mumbaikars turn to when they need some ‘me time’.

From the paper that has defined this city and epitomizes fully the spirit of Mumbai, which is that of enterprise, adventure and survival. Give us a high five as we turn 35 this week.

Here's the selection:

35 Greatest Treasures of Mumbai

Mumbai's most iconic clubs, institutions, parks, places of worship and buildings are more than bricks 'n' mortar. Symbolic of the spirit of this great and restless city, we salute these stayers, testimony to survival of the toughest. View Photos...

Celebrating the young and the restless
Today, on the second day of our week-long anniversary special, we bring you 20 zingy pages of the young and the restless. From entrepreneurs to artistes, these under-35s are making the world sit up and take notice as they forge ahead on the career path of their choice. Bright, adventurous and unafraid, they go with the flow at times, while some decide to take the road less taken. Whatever mode they decide to take the elevator to zoom ahead or the steps to climb up steadily they are all set to go right to the top. View Photos...

Capturing moments, since 1979

If a picture can say a thousand words, imagine what 35 pictures can say? Today, in our 35th anniversary celebrations, we bring you visuals that capture the mood of Mumbai. These range from seminal events that brought this always-on-the-go city to a screeching halt, to celebrations and celebrities that made Mumbai hit the party button. All of them captured through the lens of our photographers, who were on the sidelines and in the thick of action, during all the milestone movements and moments from 1979 onwards. Relive them through our anniversary moments section on Pages 15-38. View Photos...

Bring out the popcorn!

For years now, movies have been sources of escapism, education, adventure and, of course, entertainment. In our 35th anniversary special, today we showcase 35 movies from 1979 onwards, some of which have been mega commercial hits and money-spinners; and others that have been unconventional path-breakers, — a salute to new-age experimental cinema. Whether it is edge-of-the-seat thrillers, soppy melodramas, formula films or adventurous themes, they are all part of the great hurly-burly of Bollywood, synonymous with Mumbai. Grab your popcorn and escape with us on a roller-coaster ride, spangled with stardust, in the movies section of our celebrations. View Photos...

Bon Appétit

Stop for a bite to eat as we celebrate our 35th anniversary. Today's section highlights Mumbai's iconic food hubs. From places that have history woven into the menu to new restaurants that have carved a place on the city’s gastronomic map — we have it all. Mumbai dines in different ways — an array of cuisines are offered both at roadside haunts and swanky five-stars, which stand cheek-by-jowl. Whether it is ladies who lunch or boys who brunch, there’s something for everyone in Mumbai and on these pages. View Photos...

Take a chill pill
Mumbai de-stresses in different ways, and avenues for ‘me time’ are constantly evolving. For some, it may be dancing to the rhythm divine; for others, it is losing oneself in a book or braving the city’s roads while cycling or running. With the new age mantra of wellness upon us, decadence takes on acceptance and indulgence is key, as spas launch an array of feel-good therapies for women and the metrosexual men. Then, of course, there are the regular haunts where one can mix leisure with latte — movie theaters and coffee joints. As mid-day wraps up the 35th anniversary special with the chill out section, we say, cheers to that. View Photos

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