Miffed over Rakesh Maria's promotion, top cops rebel and go on leave

Feb 17, 2014, 23:11 IST | Vinay Dalvi

Peeved that Rakesh Maria, an IPS officer of a junior batch, was chosen over them as police commissioner of Mumbai, Ahmed Javed and Vijay Kamble have been on leave since yesterday

Two of the most senior police officers in the state have been sulking over the appointment of the Commissioner of Police (CP), Mumbai. Ahmed Javed, who was additional director general of police (DGP) for state law and order, did not take charge as DGP (home guards). Vijay Kamble, additional DGP (highways) refused to move into his office as CP, Thane.

Ahmed Javed Vijay Kamble
Ahmed Javed (left) and Vijay Kamble are miffed at not being chosen as CP, Mumbai. Neither has taken charge of the new portfolios. File pics

The two Indian Police Service (IPS) officers were superseded by Rakesh Maria, who is now the CP of Mumbai. When MiD DAY spoke to Javed, he replied mysteriously, “Just wait and watch what happens next.” On the day the state government passed the transfer orders, Javed was even heard saying that he had been bypassed for the city’s top police job, since he didn’t have a political godfather.

Javed (1979 IPS batch) and Kamble (1980 IPS batch) are fuming that Maria, who is from a junior batch (1981) was given charge as CP. Kamble even threatened to resign from the department in protest. He told the media that the state had given him medals and he was put on side postings, and yet, he did a good job. If he deserved to get medals, why not the post of commissioner, he questioned.

Some political parties also came out in support of Kamble, and strongly criticised the state over Maria’s appointment. However, Sanjeev Dayal, DGP of Maharashtra, said, “Kamble had applied for leave much before the appointment of the commissioner. He is going to rejoin on Tuesday. I’m not aware of Javed’s leave application and if we have to convince him, that can happen only after I meet him.”

A source at Mantralaya said that the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) was in favour of appointing Maria and had threatened to pull out of the state government if the decision went otherwise. It has also been learnt that the government is likely to convince both the angry IPS officers soon. The present police commissioner of Thane K P Raghuvanshi handed over his charge to Bipin Kumar Singh, joint commissioner of police, Thane. The post of DG (home guards) is vacant.

What the post means

Dr PS Pasricha, former commissioner
In the current scenario, the government should have taken the decision much earlier i.e. when Satyapal Singh was due for promotion. If the commissioner had been decided at that point of time, it would have not led to groupism, politics and hard feelings in the force. In my case too, I was promoted at the exact time when I was due for promotion. There is a certain pattern going on in the force, and if the government abides by it, there will be no controversies.

Julio Ribeiro, former commissioner
When I was made the police commissioner, I superseded at least six senior officers. But at that time, there was no political lobbying or any such decisions. It should also be taken into consideration as to who is the right person to serve the city.

Raj Prem Khilnani, former director general, Anti-Corruption Bureau
IPS is like a cone. There is only one position on the top and everybody cannot make it to the top post. I deserved to be the commissioner of Mumbai police, but I could not make it to the post. Instead of getting upset, I believe it was the loss of the people.

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