Miley Cyrus has no regrets

Published: 19 November, 2013 08:08 IST | Dhara Vora |

From playing the character of a teenage Pop star, Hannah Montana, on TV to becoming a brazen sexual symbol � singer Miley Cyrus has had a huge image makeover with the release of her new album, Bangerz. A few days shy of turning 21, she talks about shedding her inhibitions, her love for twerking and more in an email interview with Dhara Vora

You have received a lot of criticism post your image makeover, the Video Music Awards (VMAs) and your Wrecking Ball video. Do you take it to heart?
Why does it have to be and even if it is, it does not matter. One has to get past the most obvious thing and see inside my eyes to understand the inspiration behind it.

Miley Cyrus performs on stage at Europe Music Awards in Amsterdam. She later smoked a joint on stage while accepting an award. Pic/Getty

The sexual content of your videos and performances has not gone down well, especially with parents of your young fans…
My music videos did change everyone’s perception; I know it was hard to digest. But what matters for any artiste in the world is his/her music and fans. I know I’m doing well in whatever I indulge in. My fans love my music and that’s about it. Right now I am enjoying what I am doing and I have never been as happy in my entire life as I am these days.

Cyrus at the album release signing in New York. Pic/AFP

You have shed your clothes in your video and on stage. Where would you draw a line and say this is something I won’t do?
I always do things that I like. This is just who I am, being who you are is really easy, it’s hard to be somebody you are not. I live my life the way it is, I don’t regret anything. My parents know what I do; they trust me when it comes to work. And it is because of that trust I walk up to them to discuss things. They have taught me to be who I am. We share unconditional love, that’s what real love is.

Tell us a bit about working on this album...
Bangerz brings me to work with Pharrell (Williams), one of my dream collaborations. He is like an elder brother to me; so working with him was quite comfortable. Bangerz for me feels like a free therapy for a few weeks. It also has been my dream to team up with Britney (Spears). I used to see her perform while growing up and doing a song with her makes my album complete. You will also get to see my collaborations with Big Sean, Nelly and French Montana.

Cyrus’ play with a foam finger and her provocative dance routine with singer Robin Thicke at the Video Music Awards in August this year, had raised several eyebrows. Pic/AFP

When did you first encounter twerking? And why do you like it so much?
One day I had a photoshoot and wasn’t dressed yet. While we were doing nothing my friend told me everyone has gone and we have the backdrop and lighting and I just started dancing and we started recording my moves on the phone. I showed it to few people, tweeted it and they liked it. That lot of booty action became twerking. I like it because that’s my unique dance form.

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