Milla Jovovich: Nobody wants an action heroine to be not sexy!

Sep 28, 2012, 08:50 IST | Janhavi Samant

Hollywood stunner Milla Jovovich on her upcoming film, working with her husband and being her daughter's personal chauffeur

There is no doubt that action star Milla Jovovich has killer looks, even without the trademark gun in her hand. With her wide grin and low laughter, this tall leggy actress is a total stunner. In a one-on-one for the upcoming installment of Resident Evil: Retribution, the model-turned-actress talks about the beginning of the end of the decade’s old cult action series and her life and pursuits beyond it...

Milla Jovovich

You have had a busy couple of years. How has it been working for this film?
Yes, after Resident Evil: Afterlife and Stone in 2010, I have just been doing back-to-back films for the last couple of years. There were independent films and so many promotion activities; it’s been so exhausting. I was dying to take off. And then I had to start training for Resident Evil again. But that isn’t really work.

Is it because you get to work with your husband?
Ah yes. That is a plus. Paul (director Paul W S Anderson) is a completely cool-headed filmmaker. He’s only screamed thrice in the 10 years of our working together, and it has always been my fault. But Paul has also managed to keep most of the original Resident Evil team together since our first film. After five films now, we are all really like a big family; so it’s not like work at all.

What happens after work? Do you and Paul discuss zombies even at home?
No. Nobody talks about zombies. At dinner, we talk of schoolteachers. Out of work hours, I play chauffeur for my daughter. My five-year-old has decided that she needs a chauffeur to take her to school and around. And not just any chauffeur. It has to be me. I don’t mind it. I make a good driver. I never get bored and I take no short cuts (laughs). When she’s in bed, I work on my music in the guesthouse. I am usually jamming from 9 pm onwards.

How important is it for an action heroine to be sexy?
Well, nobody wants an action heroine to be not sexy! The fact is most sci-fi action films are not realistic at all. If one has to see a woman kick-ass, she must look hot. But it is never just the clothes that make a woman attractive. The character has to be strong, intelligent and tough as well; that’s what makes her hot too.

The Resident Evil films owe their immense popularity to the videogames. Do you like to play videogames?
Yes, I love them. It’s so easy to do videogames. I used to be a big book reader; I was totally classical literature. Then the baby came and now it’s just impossible to even finish one chapter an evening without being disturbed. So I have taken to videogames, this way I don’t have to worry about finishing chapters.

There is a lot of speculation that the next Resident Evil installment will be the end of the series? How do you think will be the beginning of the end?
I don’t know. I don’t think even Paul (husband and director Paul W S Anderson) has thought about it in detail yet. He tends to work on one film at a time; he will get down to that once this Resident Evil Retribution is finished.

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