11 million Brits have had sex in their cars

Aug 29, 2012, 11:35 IST | ANI

Almost eleven million Britons have done it in their motors, according to a new research

People living in the South West are the most likely to get their lovemaking into gear, according to research by a price comparison site.

One third of Welsh respondents confessed that they have rowed and broken up in their motors and three quarters snack at the wheel and half even admit to having a quick, reports a major newspaper.

Will Thomas, head of motor insurance at Confused.com, warned the lack of focus could drive up premiums because drivers won't be protected.

He said: "Drivers are exposing themselves when multitasking.

"It's absolutely critical drivers focus their full attention on driving and the road around them.

"If a motorist is involved in an accident, whilst being distracted, they can face criminal charges, points and even prison."

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