Minissha Lamba joins the Sanjay Dutt's fan club

Feb 27, 2013, 09:55 IST | Special Features

Stories of co- actors being awestruck by Sanjay Dutt is not unheard of in Bollywood.

The latest to join his fan club is Minissha Lamba. She tells CS, “Working with Sanju Sir was a fabulous experience. He is a complete professional and totally dedicated to his job. I love the energy and vibe that he brings into a set.

Everyday with him was a learning experience. As a kid, I have seen quite a few of his films, and to have him with me as a co- actor was quite overwhelming, to say the least.” Well Minissha, at least this is one experience you can take home from this film that doesn’t seem to have made many waves otherwise! 

Minissha Lamba

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